Get your brand, logo, website and stationery all in one package

The package deal

When starting a new business, or giving an old business a new lease of life, it's often difficult to budget accurately for the necessary design and print requirements. It's also a nuisance having to deal with a graphic designer, a web designer, a sign or vehicle design and a printer (especially when they don't agree).

That's why I've put together a basic package of EVERYTHING and discounted it to a single price. There are limits on what this package offers, for sure, and obviously there are optional extras. But the one price package gives you a starting point.


  • Consultation One hour brand / identity /strategy consultation
  • Brand creation A basic brand for your business, including a branding guide
  • Logo design A unique and appropriate logo created in all necessary formats
  • Website A unique, responsive website using your new brand to represent your business
  • Purchased image A brand suitable stock photograph purchased for use on website and print materials
  • Domain name An appropriate domain name (if required) purchased for one year
  • Web hosting One year's web hosting for your new site
  • Business cards 500 business cards in your new brand printed and supplied
  • Brochures 250 full colour brochures to match your website printed and supplied
  • Letterhead A Microsoft Word template letterhead design
  • Email A brand appropriate email signature

Get this package for $2500 (+GST)


This is a collaborative process that will require input from the client(s) to be successful. Questions will be asked and information sought in order to provide the best possible brand identity, the most appropriate logo and a successful message for the website and promotional material.

Questions asked will include such things as;
  • Who are your customers?
  • Where do they spend their time?
  • Why do they need you? What makes you so special?
  • Who is your opposition?
  • What do you want customers to do when they reach your website?
  • What do you want customers to do when they read your brochure?
  • What are the keywords that your customers are likely to search for when looking for a business like yours?
  • What is the company history to date? (Have there been failed prior attempts?)
The answers to these questions will shape the brand and direct the design and makeup of the website. Prior to beginning the brand/identity process, consultation will be undertaken and advice offered on such topics as;
  • Company name (relevancy)
  • Trading name
  • Domain name (for SEO)
  • Client’s preferred colours and/or predetermined guidelines or restrictions

Package does not include:

  • Hi-res photographs, web images and edited text for the website and brochure must be supplied.
  • A small amount of photo-editing will be performed on images for both the website and brochure, but blurry, amateur images will not be accepted.
  • A small amount of editing for final text will be performed, but not a full re-write.
  • Writing, photographic and image sourcing services are available (see below)
Endless Re-dos
  • Logo and branding delivered from initial consultation will be 80-90% final, with minor tweaks acceptable, but not a full re-do. If the designer and client cannot agree at this stage, a $500 +gst fee for consultation and work to date will be payable, and the package abandoned (or renegotiated).
  • Additional services, including complex branding exercises, are available (see below)
  • Online selling from the website is not included, but is available at extra cost. (see below)
CMS Website
  • Clients wishing to have a website they can update themselves can have one, but it will be an extra cost (see below)

Optional Extras:

Writing service

Many new businesses have a lot of information and ideas, but do not have a coherent story to spread across their website and promotional material. We can collate and assimilate all of your raw material and produce a powerful message.

Image service

Searching for and matching stock photography to a brand and message takes time (and $$). This can be done, and mixed with unique images and client supplied photographs it can be seamless.


We have access to several photographers who can create some long-lasting images for use in your brand and identity.

Product packaging/barcodes

We have all the expertise to utilise your brand in the presentation of your products to the market.

Vehicle branding

It doesn’t take much to advertise your business on your vehicle(s)

Video production

A short and informative video can do wonders for your website. A video or series of videos offering advice or teaching a skill related to your product, loaded on YouTube, can bring traffic to your website and enhance your credibility in the marketplace.


A unique and custom-built set of infographics can be used across your identity and set you apart from your opposition.


Proprietary illustrations can explain a complex principle visually. Your ability to easily impart the value of your service or product to new customers can be the difference between mediocrity and massive success.

Complex branding

The above package is for simple and/or small businesses. Complex or convoluted brand/identity strategies can be worked through on an hourly basis.

Complex web presence

Database backends, e-commerce hubs, specialist software and 100-page corporate sites are all achievable and can be quoted. Likewise if you specifically wish a Wordpress site or need the ability to make changes yourself (CMS), we can make it happen.

HTML email templates

As simple or as complex as you like, HTML email campaign templates are a great way to spread your brand to existing and new clients.


Need to edit your own website? Want to create a regular, well-designed client magazine yourself? If you want to keep your marketing in-house but lack the skills to do so, we offer tutoring for clients or their staff in basic desktop publishing, web editing and other areas.

Price Books and/or Catalogue creation

Nothing is too hard for us in the area of document creation. Magazine production is also available.

e-Book creation

If your business plan includes a professional e-Book, we can write, design, illustrate and publish your e-Book. If you have already written one, we can turn it into a professional publication, including catchy cover.

Print book

Same goes for e-Books, we can create and publish any type of printed book.

If you have any questions or queries about this package, just contact us by one of the channels at the bottom of this page.