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About Me

Well at least all that I'm willing to share...

I'm Experienced

Another word for old, sure. But it means I've been there and done that. And as computers filled up entire floors back when I trained, everything I know about Photoshop, Javascript and QR codes has been learned in practice, not a classroom.

I'm unconventional

I will approach every job from a new angle, as an outsider looking in. If something has been done a hundred times before, unless it's still wholly, head-turningly spectacular, don't expect me to follow the template.

I'm still learning.

Doesn't matter how long I've been doing this, there's always a whole lot of knowledge lurking out there to be absorbed. I'm as prepared to learn new stuff as I am to teach what I already know to others. That said, the basic tenets of design are unchanged from before the first pixel was ever generated.

Primary Skills

My core talent areas with decades of experience
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Branding

27 years of graphic design and print experience, including full time employment as a newspaper production manager, corporate graphic designer for medium sized entities, prepress and IT manager for print companies and tertiary institution, and fully half of that time spent self-employed or sole charge (no one else to blame).

  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Annual General Reports
  • Posters
  • Catalogues
  • Price Books
  • Presentations
  • Print Design
  • Print Production
  • Prepress

12 years web design, self taught in the days of slow, laborious handcoding. Unique sites designed for you, not copied and pasted from the last client.

  • Website Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Brand Design
  • Objective Priority
  • Latest Technology
  • Shortcuts Available

50+ years (that's embarrasing) as an illustrator! Won several art prizes as a little tyke. Then 27 years using software. Again won a national design competition in 1992. Nothing too big or too small. I have won international awards for digital illustration and have taught it at tertiary level.

  • Explanatory Diagrams
  • Infographics
  • Advertising
  • Murals
  • Cartoon Characters
  • Custom Icons

I Bet that you have seen some of my brands over the years. Total branding and logo packages from large company rebrands to small start-ups seeking a logo on a budget. My logos are unique, not downloaded or copied. Check out my book "THE LOGO HANDBOOK" on Amazon and iTunes.

  • Brand-Identity-Logo
  • Work to a Budget
  • Unique Design
  • Complete Research
  • Advisory Service
  • Assistance with Company Naming

Additional Services

A wide range of other services & skills available


A wide experience as marketing manager for small and medium businesses, making sure the material I create gets results.

Photo Editing

I have written books on Photoshop and taught it at tertiary level. I can either do it for you or teach you to do it yourself.


I can teach subjects such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Digital or Web Design etc. to groups or individuals.


Post production on your own video, or video production from scratch. Add a polish to your website and brand.


As the author of eight books I can occasionally structure a sentence or two. Don't agonise over your wording – get me to do it.

E-book production

Have an idea for an e-book but don't know what to do next? I can help with every aspect right through to sales.

Package design

Packages, packets, sachets, wine labels, die lines and shop tags. Your design or mine, it makes no difference.


My first website, set up in 2004 to sell my first book, received no visitors. So I found out why and have never looked back.

Artists Impressions

If you want to see what something will look like when it's completed? Sell reality rather than a concept?

Additional Experience

Services and tasks I have performed to one degree or another

App Production

A very new skill, for sure, but one that has seen me create apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. Cool stuff!


If you have complex ideas that you need to get accross to people with less complex minds, a good graphic can help.

3D Render

Render 3D products into realistic situations for use in marketing and intructional manuals.

Display Design

Shop display? Trade fair stand? Permanent showroom display? I have examples of all of these.

Car Graphics

From simple logo placement to complete car wraps, I'm responsible for 30+ vehicles to date.

Signage Design

I'm not a signwriter but I spent four years at a sign company and won an NZSDA award.

Instructional Manuals

From How-To books to Instruction Manuals shipped with a product, I have wide experience in both writing and infographics.

Barcodes / QR Codes

I can create and generate barcodes or QR codes for packaging, products or print.

House Plan Illustrations

I can turn boring technical plans into something that will catch a buyer's eye.

Start Up Package

Get your brand, logo, website and print material in one discounted package

Past Work

A selection of some of the projects and campaigns
I've worked on over 27 years. (see all)
BodyArt Poster

BodyArt Poster

Photo illustration for tattoo festival
Harbourside Brochure

Harbourside Brochure

Three-colour brochure for subdivision
Strathnaver Brochure

Strathnaver Brochure

Full colour brochure for subdivision
3D Illustration
3D Illustration

Wedgelock Products

Enhancement of 3D CAD files
Colouring in graphic


Colouring-in graphic and poster
Shop Design


Shop design and signage
Car skin

Vehicle skin

Real Estate Agent vehicle

What my clients say

Some of my clients are even prepared to talk about me

I have worked with Gary on a number of projects over the last two years and have always found him to have a good understanding of the brief and what was required. His work was first class – on time and to budget. We couldn't be happier!

Lance Bills Harrisons's Gardenworld
and Garden Independents Network Ltd

I was looking for a logo that was cool, professional and flexible/easy to use in different circumstances. I had lots of documents with my IP and wanted to be able to stamp them with this, and I also wanted it for a website and larger marketing materials too. What I got from Gary was great and I'm still very happy with it, years later!

Mark Ternent G5

...on seeing the work Gary did for Twigland Garden Centre rebrand, I contracted (him) to develop category and promotional signage for the Garden Independents Network group. This was followed by the development of the ican brand.
Gary’s recently designed packaging for ican brand vegetable seeds is excitingly different and clearly best in market.
Gary insists on a brief of what the client is trying to achieve, puts thought into the options, and is uncanny at producing the best option first time. Gary Crilley is more than an artist, and I strongly recommend him.

Bill Brett Director Garden Independents Network group

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